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What is NomadYOGI?

What is NomadYOGI?

We understand that the best yoga teachers may not be the best at the "business of yoga", simply because they are spending their time studying yoga, meditating, reading, and perhaps living humbly. We also know how frustrating it can be, as students, to find the right teacher, or studio, to help us along the path.

That’s why we developed NomadYOGI according to the needs of each of our user types, designing a great online experience for students, an easy-to-use promotion and scheduling system for teachers, a targeted marketing and advertising solution for venues, and a smooth transaction experience for everyone.

Our goal is to connect amazing teachers with aspiring students, creating a social network where our pursuit of yoga can thrive: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, academically.

Yoga is the study of consciousness -- a path to liberation. (If that sounds too esoteric, we have some recommended reading for you!) It is our hope that the users of this site will pursue this path with sincerity and authenticity. And yet, to avoid making yoga another ego-defining practice, it is our hope that users will enjoy our humor and lightness. Laughter is liberating, too.