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About Us

About Us

Right. So, here's where we dazzle you with stories about the founder's multiple trips to India, his discourse of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, his oration of the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit, and (legend has it) he can astral project to higher dimensions.

Honestly, who we are isn't as important as what we're doing. The founder is just a committed Ashtangi with a sense for business and a desire to unite a fragmented marketplace. Our goal is to bring people together so they can find what they're looking for, making it easier for yoga teachers to find students, and easier for students to find high quality teachers to deepen their practice -- and avoid the fluff that permeates this industry.

One important aspect of any yoga practice is the study of consciousness. This process begins with an aspirant's awareness of mental states, which is to say, the ability to recognize one's own thoughts. Travel enhances this process by allowing an individual to get outside of her own routine. She gets to see how other people live, which may contrast her own cultural/social conditioning. Travel may help another individual become receptive to ideas with which he originally struggled. For these reasons, we believe "destination retreats" are an excellent way to produce meaningful, life-changing experiences.

But, we're also enthusiastic about promoting local events. A transcendent yoga experience should not be available only to those who can afford "getting away" for a week or two in some exotic location. Towards this aim, we are creating a unified network of individual, traveling yoga teachers who give local workshops in urban and suburban environments.

NomadYOGI isn't going to be the tent under which all this takes place. Think of us more as the platform that enables and supports it all, and whatever else our users can imagine.