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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NomadYOGI?

NomadYOGI aims to be a single, global, point-of-exchange for yoga -- bringing students, teachers, and venues together for yoga-based events. We understand that the best yoga teachers may not be the best marketers, simply because they are spending their time studying yoga, meditating, reading, and perhaps living humbly. Thus, our goal is to connect these amazing teachers with aspiring students, creating a social network where our pursuit of yoga can thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and academically.

Yoga is the study of consciousness -- a path to liberation. (If that sounds too esoteric, we have some recommended reading for you.) It is our hope that the users of this site will pursue this path with sincerity and authenticity. And yet, to avoid making yoga another ego-defining practice, it is our hope that users will enjoy our humor and lightness. Laughing is liberating, too.

I like practicing yoga, why should I use NomadYOGI.com?

NomadYOGI was created with you in mind...

Have you ever tried searching the InterWebs for yoga activities or events to enhance your practice? Imagine trying to do a Google search based on style, location, and date range. You’d have to do multiple searches and then filter that information according to your schedule and budget. And how do you search for qualities possessed by the kind of teacher and/or retreat center you enjoy?

Yeah. It’s a complete waste of time. It seems better to just ask around.

Not anymore.

When it comes to finding activities and events to enhance your yoga practice, we felt there was something pretty big missing: a trustworthy source of information, we decided to do something about it.

NomadYOGI is THE place to find anything the global yoga community is doing. Whether it’s finding a local class to reading a new blog from a great studio in Thailand, to booking your next retreat (because it’s time you went on one). We make it easy and unified. Teachers, events, workshops, retreats, blogs − it’s all here and you can easily find what you are looking for based on very specific filters.

I’m a yoga teacher, why should I use NomadYOGI.com?

We’ve created a comprehensive platform where teachers like you can connect with students and venues (i.e. studios and retreat centers). As a teacher, we understand that you would rather be doing your yoga practice than marketing your yoga practice. That’s why we designed NomadYOGI the way we did.

How do you currently communicate with your students? How do you find new ones? Chances are, you don’t have a lot of experience maximizing search engine visibility or running social media campaigns and you’re hiring other people to do this. A website that’s SEO’d? A bunch of Facebook fans? An active Twitter? A way to monitor Yelp! reviews? MindBody for scheduling and accepting payments? ConstantContact for your monthly/seasonal newsletters?

Yeah, we thought so.

Let’s face it, not all teachers (in fact, many of the best) are web savvy or have time/skills/interest in creating a social media presence. NomadYOGI addresses this by allowing your students to build web presences for you by adding reviews, photos, stories, etc to yours. Through your profile, you can easily communicate your yoga style, experience, upcoming events, photos and much more, as we continue adding features. The more thorough you are with your profile, the easier NomadYOGI students and venues will be able to find you through our search filters.

Our goal is to help you bring your yoga to more people. We have simplified your work of scheduling, marketing, blogging, and attracting new students or studios/retreat centers looking to hire. We’ve also developed a quick-and-easy review process which goes beyond the normal 1-5 star rating system, to help users share their thoughts and provide meaningful feedback. And you don’t have to worry about the headache caused by negative Yelp reviews. We’re developing a more qualitative approach, which we are constantly updating with help from our community, that completely avoids those problems.

I own/manage a yoga studio/hotel/resort/retreat center, why should I use NomadYOGI.com?

We understand the financial and organizational stress of running a yoga studio, and we think that the current options available don’t provide an adequate solution. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive platform where studios and retreat centers connect directly to students and teachers in one easy-to-use site.

Not only do our search filters allow users to find exactly what they’re looking for, our alert technology allows your followers to stay up-to-date on upcoming classes, future retreats, schedule changes, or new posts in your NomadYOGI Journal. All of this can be easily shared across other social media platforms with just a few clicks by you, or your followers.

But, we’re more than just a "yoga classifieds" that only lists what, where, and when. NomadYOGI was designed to be social, providing a community platform for students, an easy-to-use promotion and scheduling system for teachers, a targeted marketing and advertising solution for studios, and a smooth transaction experience for everyone. That’s right, NomadYOGI is social and transactional. Simply stated: our goal is to make your events easier to find, your schedules easier to manage, and your payments easier to receive.

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