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Anita Rafidi · 1 Year ago

Yoga is both a Science of Life, and the Art of Living.

The word yoga has several interconnected meanings:  it can refer to the sense of union one awakens towards all of humanity, the globe, the universe and spirit.   It also refers to the oldest known collection of spiritual practices codified by ancient Vedic sages.   ..In the west it often refers to one of several common yogic practices, usually to postures, but sometimes to meditation, chanting or dance; however, the most essential yoga practice is ultimately meditation.

"The outstanding and fundamental appeals of yoga have been tolerance, universality, and simplicity. Within its simple framework are contained the principal teachings and approaches which make up the substance of all known philosophies, religions and disciplines. If one understands the four paths to yoga it is possible to unravel the trappings and mysterious elements of any religious or philosophical systems"--Swami Vishnu-Devananda

The whole value of yoga cannot be explained, it has to be experienced to be appreciated.  Even then, it is a continuously blooming 'thousand-petalled-lotus'   ever opening to increasing awareness, and ever more layers of... View more

Yos Goodman · 1 Year ago

Fantastic answer.

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