Where are you going?
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Yos Goodman · 1 Year ago

First, before I answer your question, know that it's okay. Thoughts come and go during meditation, just as they do during other activities. No problem. Don't listen to anyone telling you that you're not doing it right. That's nonsense.

Second, before I answer your question, it's important to notice what's happening in your mind. Where does the thought come from? Have you investigated that? 

Where, really, does any thought come from? 

How does it arise? 

And where will it go? 

To where?

Are you afraid that, if you don't get
up and write it down, it will be gone forever? Really, where will the thought go? Is it not you, talking to yourself, creating a thought, which your conscious mind can now hear because you are quiet enough to listen?

Third, before I answer your question, let's examine the sensation that urges you to get up. Isn't this urge do something very similar to any other internal or external stimuli that you, ordinarily, compulsively, reflexively, react to? Like an itch? Like a shift in your position when you feel discomfort/tension in your knee/low back/shoulder?

Now, to answer your question, you can scratch the... View more

Tracy Teel · 1 Year ago

I really enjoyed Yos's response, and it brings up something I, too,  have pondered. Often, in my meditative practice, my working life creeps in and tries to distract me. The silence and posture of meditation often bring me answers to things I don't even realize I'm questioning.To me, that's a gift.

That being said, I don't get up. That's not to say that I'm able to resume the stillness that encompassed me before the great idea or resolution entered my consciousness. It makes me fidgety. But ... it also makes me aware that, at least for me, thoughts are meant to be reflected upon, even if only momentarily. Whatever brilliance comes to me usually finds its moment again when I'm in a more suitable environment. After all, the question found me when I was silent. It will most likely find me again when it's the right time to receive it.
jennie lee · 1 Year ago

Agreed. Don't get up... reenter the stillness as best you can...trust that what is meant to be there after your practice is what is meant to be there.

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Anita Rafidi · 1 Year ago

To enable me to continue meditating, I trust that the essence of the idea will remain and reappear when needed...sometimes its not so much a "great idea" but often a revelation or a deep insight which would be hard to put into words...still, I just TRUST that the insight will remain in my subconscious and will influence my behaviour later...I trust there is only one direction in meditation and that is towards greater insight/awareness...you can never regress...stall maybe, but not regress--therefore all gains stay with you wether you are consciously aware of them or not.

Alvin Park · 1 Year ago

I would say be calm even if you have brilliant idea while meditating as these is very obivious. Around 60000 thoughts crosses a human brain in 24 hours. 

So be calm and continue your meditation. You can give it a thought later if it is really worth. Relax your brain first as you can think better with a calm and relaxed brain :)