Where are you going?

Nomad YOGI · 1 Year ago

Navigating this fragmented marketplace we call ‘yoga’ has become frustrating for yogis everywhere, including ourselves. With this in mind, we created NomadYOGI, a comprehensive social networking platform for students of all levels to share their experiences as sincere yoga practitioners.

Create your own yogi profile and connect with other students from around the world. Plug into an entire database of retreat centers and studios and find events based on your preferences of style, location and more.

Exploring events, venues, and teachers from across the globe is only the beginning.

We’ve created the first ever collaborative Q&A database: the Sangha. Search, ask, and answer any yoga-related question imaginable. Learn the essentials of a beginner practice, interpret the most classic of philosophic texts, and read answers from yogis who’ve successfully run their own business -- all in one place.

You have powerful insight that we want to share. Post your experiences, lessons, and adventures as a yogi without your voice getting lost amongst the noise and clutter of social media. ASK QUESTIONS and invite others to answer -- even someone far beyond your local studio. ANYONE can... View more