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David Andrew · 1 Year ago

"If you practice asana for a long time, then pranayama will be easy. If you practice pranayama for a long time, then meditation will come easily." - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Most people think of meditation as sitting quietly and simply trying to be present despite the wanderings of the mind. True meditation means seeking the source of Inner Eternal Self. This is a long journey requiring consistent daily practice.

Ashtanga Yoga teaches us everything we need to embark on this inward spiritual journey. We need only to apply the principles of the vinyasa practice to a seated practice. This is so easy! Everyone can easily do & benefit from sitting in this way for a few minutes before and after asana practice. It is also very helpful to incorporate a specific breathing sequence. The breathing should always bear in mind the basics just like in asana: smooth, even, steady, and bandhas & drishti. Done regularly in this way, the depth will gradually increase. The internal awareness will become more subtle and much deeper, and will begin to penetrate into core of one's deepest core.

Teaching some philosophy along with a seated practice is also important so that the understanding of the... View more

Baptiste Marceau · 1 Year ago

Meditation is a natural stage after Pranayama, because after doing Pranayama you feel very comfortable. Nadi Shodana Pranayama works with the nervous system, it balances your left and right side, Ida and Pídanla. Then you are in a very pleasant altered state of consciousness, as if you were “high”, but is a lucid “high”. You feel good, you feel nice, then naturally you are sitting in a pleasant place, you do not want to get up. This alone, the here and now state, that’s how Pranayama helps you to focus on the present.