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Day In Silence

We’re Preparing for the Day in Silence -- Sshhh...

Day In Silence

At NomadYOGI, we know that the profound experience of intense solitude and quiet self-reflection is not always readily accessible to everyone. The opportunity to spend 10 days in, say, Vipassana, may not be the easiest thing to fit into your busy schedules and maybe you think a regular meditation practice takes discipline beyond what you are capable of. We understand.

But here's a practice that we all can do once a month: a Day In Silence.

Once a month, spend a Day In Silence. Just be, without talking. Minimize all external and internal noise and just be, quietly, for just one day each month.

You can still do your normal day-to-day activities, like go grocery shopping, or go for a walk around the neighborhood. You can do your laundry. You can still attend your favorite yoga class. Remember, this is not about isolating yourself away from the world. It’s about being in it, as a silent observer, and just noticing what happens

What happens when we simply just be, observing ourselves and the world around us? What thoughts come up, and how does how mind react to these thoughts? Can you notice this reaction -- and observe how thoughts revolve around other thoughts -- and can you let that go? Can you come back to this moment? Come back to your inhale, your exhale? This rhythm. This silence. This is all it’s about.

Turn Down the Volume and Press Pause

Day In Silence is about turning down the volume on your external and internal stimuli. Just for one day, try and see if you can pause all communication.

Maybe you can you combine this with a digital detox? OMG. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. No email. No text messages. No Whats app. No devices. Just for one day.

Can’t do a full day? Fine. Put your Silence Button on at noon and don’t speak for the rest of the day. Yes. From noon, until you put your head on the pillow, don’t speak.

Can’t do a half day? Fine. Wear your button from 5pm until you go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you may begin talking again.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to separate yourself in solitude (though that may be easier). If, on your Day in Silence, you need to be around others, you can simply point to your button and smile. This is usually enough to prevent verbal interaction. They may be confused at first but, you’ll be surprised how respectful people are once they realize what you’re doing.

The button is not something you’d wear at a cocktail party of course, unless you were trying to obnoxiously prove how "Ultra Spiritual" you are. But, then, that’s the point. Even if wearing the button publicly identifies you as participating in a certain spiritual activity, the experience of persistent silence dissolves any ego-driven response or motivation for spiritual competition.

You’ll see. As long as you stay silent while wearing the button, you can’t mess it up.

Will You Join Us?

You can get your Day In Silence button by filling out this form. We’ll send you a button and we will enjoy silence, together, on first Sunday of every month.

After, you can share your experiences with us using the hashtag #DayInSilence on social media. Together, we can inspire more people towards quiet self-reflection.

Together, we can slow down and bring our minds to rest.

Isn’t that the true definition of yoga, after all? Ask Patanjali.